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  1. Sra. María -Silvia Alvarado
    20 February 2012 at 21:18:15

    Case: Credit cards
    My situation was that I could not pay my credit cards, then a friend recommended and sent me where Mrs. Rachel; I went and explained how she was the process if qualified for the program, if you qualify and if I said I could help, it was all very fast, they explained very well the very kind attention. I'm calm. I would recommend if of course! I feel very calm quiet, as I say I could not sleep I had no peace for thinking so I went to the lawyer and everything was a success

  2. Dona María
    06 November 2011 at 09:35:25

    Immigration case:
    Through a friend I call the law office Alabi; because we stopped the migration of when we were in the car, and took me arrested; we hire them to apply for bail, they could apply for bail, they represented me in court to apply for bail and could get a deposit, and I could get, then they proceeded with my case I qualify for what is called a cancellation is to be more than Ten years in the country, and they fought my case until they got my residence, was a project of almost four years of work, I tried well I think lawyers are very responsible one, fighting for the rights of people because I felt that it was only by paying them, but I saw the fight of the lawyer as he concentrated on the case as he was calling to find the information needed documents increasingly informing me vat each stage of the case as it was what we were going to have to do and all that. Recommend the service much, as I and recommended too many of my friends and also have come forward have helped. I every person who asks me I recommend because they have very good lawyers who are concerned about the problems people. Thank God we are now legally and moving forward, I recommend Alabi group.

  3. Emilio
    11 October 2011 at 06:08:15

    Case: Bankruptcy
    I had a great many debts of many years ago, it was very difficult for me to develop in this society that every time I wanted to rent a house or buy a car or apply for a credit card and could not rent a car, it was very difficult and uncomfortable and both had always to be asking for favors to friends, many times they said no, then that day I decided to put my situation Although I thought I had no basis to licensed offices Alabi, Mr.'s a genius, I am very grateful to the entire firm and all the staff, they treated me very well are very welcoming, very friendly, they do not made to feel bad about my situation; they showed me were many options of help. If you recommend them was pretty quick was more or less a few weeks I think it was a 6 weeks, I'm relieved it's amazing what I can say that is silly or not true but when the document came out of bankruptcy I thought it would take several years, but only trying on the Internet and they would have approved a $ 45.000 truck over, and that was in the days of my resolve, I regret not having done it before.

  4. Sra. Campos
    21 July 2011 at 15:09:11

    Case: Bankruptcy
    I visited the group Alabi, a group of lawyers who helped me in my problem of bankruptcy, Was a fair amount of debt which they helped me, they treated me great, they were kind to me.
    The process was very fast and at 2 months had already solved this problem, if I can breathe easy Some people even ask me how I got so fast and I've recommended it. Are excellent lawyers Even I already gave them the phone number and name of lawyers because I suggested that they can help recommend them to anyone going to any looking for someone to help them will help with paperwork on how to help treat.

  5. Sr. Thomas
    21 July 2011 at 10:15:58

    Case: Bankruptcy
    I had financial problems because I had lost my job, and had a house that had increased the interest payment, and eventually I could not find another job and could not continue making payments on the house and on top of that also had more personal expenses which they put the tube with the credit card and all that was added financial pressure that I could not continue to meet. Following that I had to seek financial assistance and Dr. Alabi helped me make a bankruptcy which was a great relief financially. They treated me well the process was rather simple really lasted about three months, were very clear and helped me a lot in terms of the advice that I got to get out of the problems I had. I would 100% believe if you also helped me could help other people with problems.
    I feel very relieved Similar went to my relief I feel at peace I can rebuild my life, is a welcome respite.

  6. Luz
    11 January 2011 at 08:42:42

    Case: Bankruptcy
    If I take the bankruptcy attorney, I decided to do this the economy is bad and had many debts, then I do not know how to do and not to do it and thought, for not ruining the credit, and I decided then I heard the announcement on the radio lawyer, I would call the, we made an appointment and went to fix all paperwork relating to bankruptcy.
    And thank God everything is fine all arranged, it's over, and everything ended well bankruptcy.
    is better so that one gradually is becoming debt and then cannot get out but the lawyer helped me and thank God everything went well.
    Treated me well and I took a girl there it is friendly, the lawyer also, I cater well to one they tell the steps you're going to go about doing and everything went well recommend the services, they call them, if bankruptcy or any problem all goes well I recommend that you call them and make an appointment, very friendly girl.
    I recommend to all people who are concerned about these problems, debts, do not be afraid to do what has to be bankruptcy.